48 Track ProTools Studio

Epicentre offers full service Digital / Analog tracking, mixing and mastering services with 48 available simultaneous tracks to accomodate any size project. Integrating the highest quality custom built Mogami cabling and high end SSL A/D conversion and interface, our studio offers a clear, accurate signal channel to perfectly capture your performance.

Remote SYNC ISDN Compatible

Utilizing Source-Connect Pro enables Epicentre to provide audio connections between digital audio systems worldwide, allowing direct-to-the-timeline recording with real-time broadcast quality.  Now any artist or producer can connect seamlessly to any ISDN or Source Connect equipped studio in the world!

Premium Outboard Gear & Mics

Our collection of premium outboard analog preamps, compressors and microphones allows Epicentre to custom taylor your sound to fit any style or genre. Wether you are looking for a crisp clean tone, an edgy overdriven vibe or a warm vintage feel, we've got the right gear to compliment any project.

Newly Redesigned Facility

Incorporating a recording studio, live music venue &  visual gallery space, Epicentre's newly renovated facility just off  Roosevelt Row offers a truly unique and stylish venue for Audio & Visual Recorded Live Shows, Album Releases, Gallery Shows & Special Events. Contact Us today at 480-270-2221 or Contact@epicentre-recording.com for more details!